Take A Look At Irene Major Malin’s Fashion Style


Take a look at Irene Major Malin’s fashion style. The ex-model and Cameroonian socialite who live in the United Kingdom. She is married to a Canadian multi-millionaire and they both have five children together. Some time ago, she made news headlines when she talked about how she bleached her dark skin to achieve a lighter skin tone.

The mother of five and pro skin bleaching woman who contested at the 2014 edition of X-Factor UK with her sister, Elsa Major, has this to say about skin lightening, “Being lighter shows you belong to a different place on the social ladder. All the rich, successful black African men marry either a white or a very light-skinned girl because they too grew up thinking that the lighter is the most pretty. It doesn’t matter how dark a man is, of course — the pressure is all on women.”

Check out some of the photos showcasing Irene Major Malin’s fashion style and let us know what you think.

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