Indian Presenter Slapped On Live TV For Wearing Revealing Dress


Indian presenter slapped on live TV for wearing revealing dress

Gauhar Khan, an Indian TV presenter, actress and model was physically abused by a guest on November 30th while she was presenting the Raw Star Grand Finale singing competition live. The abuser, who found Khan’s backless dress too revealing started by arguing with the presenter and managed to go up on stage to land her a slap on the face before he could be ushered out by security.

The 24-year-old assaulter, Akil Malik was arrested for assault and is scheduled to appear in court today. After the assault, the distressed presenter was taken off stage to regain herself but returned to her job an hour later to continue her show. The event took place at the Film City in Goregaon, Mumbai.

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Speaking to the media about the assault, she said she has no sympathy for the abuser and the law should take its full course.

“The law should take the strictest of actions and make him pay for the deed he has done. No one has any right to raise hands on any individual. It is the fundamental right to life. If he is let off then many incidents like these will surface across the nation. The fact that he dared to take such an action reflects on the lenient laws that exist in this democracy. No woman can feel safe as long as people like him are roaming around freely.”

Indian presenter slapped on live TV for wearing revealing dress-3

On religion, fashion and the assault, she said, “It is not about Islam or about small clothes. It’s about small thinking and mentality of people who look down upon women as slaves and objectify them. If you have an objection on my clothing sense, you can write to me, talk to me; but you certainly cannot hit me. There are avenues for everyone to express their views but one cannot trespass personal space and get violent.”

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  1. I hope they lock him up somewhere he can be beaten by his fellow men. Low life men always wanting to dictate for women while they think they can do what they want.

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