The Indian police has arrested four Nigerians and a woman over internet fraud. During the arrest that was made on Saturday January 3rd by the Hyderabad police in India, money, a car and mobile phones were recovered from the gang according to the police.

The four Nigerians arrested by the Indian police are Peter Austin (29), Uzaonicha Daniel Iwenwanne (26), Eboh Felix (26) and Steffi Ebohon (24). According to reports, the gang contacted a student named Mohd Wasiuddin, and told him he’s won some money. The gang was then able to convince the unsuspecting Wasiuddin to pay money for registration, processing fees, customs clearance and other expenses, says the police.

“Believing the gang members, Wasiuddin deposited about Rs. 35 lakh in different bank accounts operated from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Mumbai, only to realize later that it was fraud” said the police in charge of the case.

The gang of four Nigerian internet fraudsters were later arrested after the police posed as another of their victim and were able to trace their phone call data record as well as their email conversations.

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