As a woman, it is known that looking good, feeling good and being comfortable within yourself is absolutely vital. I believe that those three things can determine how your mood, attitude and most of the time your determination in life on a day to day basis will be. But, I understand that for us women achieving all these things is not as easy as it sounds or looks.

Make-up for most women is a tricky one, as some may not like it, therefore, they do not wear it and others either like it but unfortunately, do not know how to apply it or there are those that do like it and look pretty good whilst wearing it. Being of a black Caribbean descent I acknowledge that it can be difficult for us to find the right shade, tones and texture that complement our face to blend well with the rest of our body. The variety of make-up in which we as black people have to choose from nowadays come very far and few between. Yes, we have most recently been provided with brands such as ‘Black-up’ but even so, the locations of where we can get these products are limited.

For many years I struggled to find the right type of makeup not only to look good but to also maintain the quality or improve the quality of my skin underneath, I went from ‘Mac’ to ‘Black-up’ to ‘ Maybelline’ you name it. Any brand that supplied makeup for a black person’s skin tone, I tried. No to say that there was anything wrong these brands. I just personally felt like they were not right for my type of skin. Like most black women, my skin can get very oily especially on my nose and my forehead, so it was essential for me to find a makeup that would help target the oiliest parts of my skin whilst ensuring that it did not make my face look to dry.

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Finally, I discovered ‘ IMAN’ and my, my, my, how it has changed my life, not to mention my look. I have always been one to go for that natural everyday look and whilst I do like to change it up on the odd special event, I believe that simplicity is the key as less is more. I have now been using Iman cosmetics for just over 2years and it amazing. My only problem I seem to have to have is actually being able to get hold of the product if and when they have run out of stock online. Living in South London there are only a few locations which I am aware of that stock Iman cosmetics, these are. Brixton, most recently Croydon and a few of the local hair shops which from time to time have a hand full of the Iman products, other than that I sometimes have to travel all the way to Westfields in Shepards Bush were it is sold in a perfume shop. However, most recently I have been informed that they no longer stock Iman cosmetics.

Many of you may know Iman as the very beautiful Somali fashion model, but since 1994 she has made herself a pioneer ” in the field of ethnic cosmetic”. Just like many ethnic women Iman also struggled to find the perfect shades for her skin tone, this encouraged Iman to begin to mix her own formulations to use and Wahla, just like that we have the make-up IMAN. Thank you.

If you are a woman of colour and are still struggling to find the right make-up for you. Why not try Iman, I promise you. you will not be disappointed.

This article was written by Sanchez Nelson for our Digital Issue.


  1. Interesting story and experience. Finding the right makeup tone, especially for women of colour can be very difficult.

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