While a few of the journalist at the Common Wealth Games managed to ask Usain Bolt the appropriate questions in the right context, a lot of them threw the multiple Olympic and World Championships gold medal winner in aware with their bizarre questions.

Instead of asking the multiple World record breaker and holder sports related questions, many journalists strangely asked the sportsman to give his opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as the upcoming Scottish referendum.

Shocked by their line of questioning, a bemused Usain Bolt reminded them that he was at the games to run and not to talk about politics.

Pressed more to share his view on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the top sportsman said, “You’ll be aware that the Commonwealth Games are the friendly Games, with a subtext of human rights. In the past, the Israel and Palestine territories have tried to join the Commonwealth.”


‘For me, I hear about it but I don’t really follow politics so I can’t really comment unless I have the full details,” Usain added as he raise his hands in the air to answer thier strange question.

When a Scottish journalist stepped up to ask Bolt: ‘Can I just ask you what your opinion is of an independence referendum on Scotland coming up in a couple of months’ time. Have you got any thoughts?’

‘I didn’t even know that. I’m sorry,’ Bolt laughed.



Source and photo credit: The UK Daily Mail.

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