Retired footballer and former English Captain, David Beckham, in a recent interview revealed that he was forced to look at Clayton Blackmore and masturbate himself in front of his teammates. According to David, it was a part of an initiation into the Manchester United’s youth team in 1991.

The British footballer, opened up about the incident in a new documentary that is titled “The Class of ’92”. David Beckham said that the incident took in 1991 when he was just 16 years old. In the documentary, Beckham alleged that he was mandated to gaze at a calendar with the photo of eighties Reds soccer player, Clayton Blackmore and pleasure himself, while his teammate watched, as part of an embarrassing hazing ritual.

“Everyone had an initiation that you had to go through on the youth team, that was one of the most uncomfortable ones. The fact that I had to look at Clayton Blackmore’s calendar and do certain things. I was embarrassed when I was saying it on camera let alone talking about it more. But it’s something that we all had to go through. It was definitely something I wouldn’t like to go through again!’ Beckham said.

The class of ’92 is a new documentary that tells the story of the generation of Manchester United stars who came of age two decades ago.


  1. Pukes before saying anything. This just shows the extent to how disgusting these people are. Shame on them. Humiliating each other with homo tendencies. Footballers my a….s. And by the way, why is he saying it now after so many years in football and waiting till he was retired?

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