Rachel Dilley, a 48-year-old British mum of three says she had no idea she was at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS as she has never known a white person suffering from the disease. Dilley embarked on a new relationship without using protection as she says she was ‘too old’ to be at risk of pregnancy and did not imagine she would contract HIV, which according to her, was a disease suffered by Africans.

Speaking with hosts – Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV’s This Morning to discuss her diagnosis, Dilly said she had no idea ‘white people had ever had it’ at the time she contracted it.

“I just didn’t know anything about it – I just thought you got it in Africa. I didn’t know a white person had ever got it,” she said.

Dilly got the shock of her life a few months after she ended the relationship with a man she met online. She suffered symptoms similar to a ‘severe bout of flu’ and was eventually advised to have an HIV test – which came back positive.

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