In this video, YouTube vlogger Misty A. will show you the step by step guide on how to tie the multi pleat round gele head wrap. Head wraps are very important accessories for African women. Whether they are attending a wedding, a high-class event, going to the church or even during a woman’s traditional African wedding, the gele or African headwrap is a special fashion accessory for these events and more.

You can find geles or African head wraps that have already been tied and can be worn like hats. There are people who specialise is tying geles/African headwraps and can be hired to do it for a fee. These professionals will usually be able to make you eye-popping gele head wraps that will make you the centre of attraction at any event.

But if you want to be able to do it yourself, especially as a beginner, this video will show you how to do one of the popular gele head wrap. Watch the video and learn how to tie the multi pleat round gele head wrap. This will give you the chance not only to do it for yourself, but also for your friends and loved ones.

VIDEO: How To Tie The Multi Pleat Round Gele.

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