The cost of safely transporting products can be difficult for any business to juggle. Paying too much means realizing less than optimal profits, but paying too little could mean damaged goods arrive at their intended destination. Landstar has been providing safe, cost-effective transportation solutions for product delivery with over 1,100 agents ready to find the best transportation solution for all products needing to be shipped throughout North America.

What Products Need Shipped?

The key to finding the perfect transport solution for products is to know what needs to be shipped and when. The less urgent the shipment is, the cheaper the cost will be to reach its destination. Large items or products that are fragile may require special handling, which a Landstar representative can help arrange.

How Much Product Needs Shipped?

LTL, or less than a truckload of products to be shipped can be handled through Landstar as easily as full loads. There is no worry as to finding a separate transportation company for partial loads. They have access all across the industry to some of the best LTL companies in the business that will get the job done timely and at the right price.

Is Your Product Time or Temperature Sensitive?

Perishable foods, pharmaceuticals and some electronic items are a few of the items that require fast and temperature monitored delivery. Expedited orders are also a necessity in some businesses. Losing sales due to shipping stalls is unacceptable. Landstar will arrange the fastest possible shipping of items that need to be there fast and can provide all of the needed monitoring if temperature is an issue. Getting your products to their destination safely and in good condition is the goal.

Do You Need to Ship Products Across the Border?

Do you currently send products to Canada or Mexico? Are you considering growing your business to include markets over the border? Landstar has fully certified and qualified drivers that can get your products to secure destinations in both countries. Let an experienced multi-lingual agent handle all of the details. It had never been easier to make the move to include international sales.

Shipping products is a necessary cost of any company that has customers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Make sure that your business is getting the most out of the shipping dollar. Click today to find out what Landstar can offer you!

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