When a developer chooses an area to build in, it helps businesses and the area’s citizens tremendously. Community businesses thrive, and an increase in traffic brings a vibrant buzz to the area. It’s like dominoes; a developer helps jump start an area, and then all the surround areas see economic benefits that they would have never seen before.

There is a strong positive correlation between an area’s per-capita income and the degree that it is developed; locals see positive changes, and these changes attract more people to the area. Eventually, the area surrounding a development turns into a cultural hub, so it really kick starts a slow economy.

When a developer chooses a location, the surrounding areas see the following benefits:


A developer needs their buildings built, and this immediately brings construction jobs to an area. Once the developer’s project is up and running, people need to be hired to work there. This brings tons of extra jobs to the local economy, and it gives the developer a chance to provide jobs to people who need them. A developer’s project automatically creates a demand for jobs, and locals have a chance to fill them.

When more people have jobs, they pay taxes. This extra revenue can be reinvested by a city or town; they can use the extra income for things like infrastructure or parks. The town needs to hire people to take care of these new projects, and that means the unemployment rate falls even further.


According to the Steve Wynn biography, a town with many job prospects attracts skilled job seekers. When there are lots of people moving into a town, local businesses spring up to meet their demands. These local businesses cause industries to expand, and it attracts even more residents; this increases everyone’s quality of life, and it turns an old town into a bustling center for growth and productivity.


If the developer works in the gaming industry, they’ll make a town a tourist attraction. For example, look at a town like Las Vegas; years ago, no one had even heard of it, but today, it’s a major tourist attraction that people from all around the world visit. Without someone developing this town, no one would have even heard about Las Vegas. The resident and tourists have major developers to thank for the town’s success.

A developer does a lot more than build a big building. When they choose a town to work with, they bring in jobs, businesses and potential employees; this boosts the economy, and it creates a bustling town that’s full of vibrant people and excitement. Local businesses and resident see nothing but positive changes when a developer chooses their area.

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