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Holland Based Nigerian, Maheeda Releases ‘Goddess Of X’ Nude Photos


Holland based Nigerian singer Maheeda whose real name is Caroline Sam and also goes by the alias, “Naija Bad Girl” became popular and well known for releasing nude photos. Instagram once deleted her account for posting nude and provocative photos.

Even though she took a break from posting her naked photos on her social network, the mother of one is not ready to stop promoting herself with her nude photos anytime soon as she has just released new ones with the title, “Goddess of X”

In a recent interview with Encomium Nigeria, Maheeda said she has no problem sharing her naked photos because she uses it as a way to promote and get attention for her music.


“True, I don’t have a problem doing that but I think it is because of my job and I know most Christians won’t understand it. But I just believe that this is what I have to do, to get attention, especially when it comes to my job and I just believe His grace is enough for me. He loves me more than my ‘nakedness’. If you see God as a Father because He sees you as a daughter, I would not because of your nakedness want to ruin you or kill you. That is how I see God. He understands me. He hates me but He loves me at the same time,” Maheeda told Encomium.


Asked if there’s any rivalry between her and US based Nigerian poernstar, Afrocandy, she said, “I really don’t know, maybe she feels threatened. I used to feel threatened as well, it is normal. Sometimes I feel jealous of Muna, Tiwa Savage. I feel like why are you having all those things which I don’t have. It is just normal but it is the ability to control it that really matters.”


On whether she has learnt any lesson from being an orphan and going into prostitute, she replied, “Sober? I have come to that point of my life where I don’t judge people. The way you learn is different from the way I learn. The way you see things is also different from the way I see things. If you think someone is doing something the wrong way, why not pray for them instead of criticizing them, because the more you criticize in bad faith, the more you are destroying them.

Bottomline is that we are not all the same. Maybe this is my own way of learning. I may not learn the way you did, just give me time because you never know what will happen at least. When there is life, there is hope.”


Maheeda, who said she’s also into nude modelling told the magazine there’s nothing the critics will say to stop her from doing what she’s doing. She also said her Dutch husband is very supportive of her. She got married to him two years ago and relocated to the Netherlands where’s she’s now based for 2 years.






Photo Credit: Maheeda

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  1. I don’t understand why this brainless lowlife keeps on getting attention since the only thing she’s good at is sharing her naked body. If she want’s her music to be noticed, let her go to the studio and put up something great, she’ll get the right attention. If she was good at her music, the attention she’s already gained would have propelled her music higher. But it’s not.

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