• Heidi Klum too sexy for Las Vegas.
  • Images violates Las Vegas regulations.
  • Model’s Sharper image holiday ads banned.

For many years, Las Vegas has been known as the city of sin where everything goes. The city is not what comes to mind when one is thinking of a wholesome, conservative, and censored American city. As such, it came as a surprise to many when Heidi Klum’s Sharper Image ads were banned in Las Vegas for being too sexy for public display.

According Vegas officials, Heidi Klum’s holiday ads for electronics brand, Sharper is alleged to have violated a local regulation about showing “the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering or any portion thereof below the nipple.” The campaign is a hit across major cities in New York and Los Angeles.


Speaking about the ban and surprised a city like Las Vegas would ban such a campaign, Dair Marder, the Chief Marketing Officer of Iconix Brand Group said: “We are shocked that the Sharper Image ads featuring Heidi Klum have been banned in Las Vegas– of all places. We believe the campaign is tasteful, beautiful and while sexy not inappropriate, in any way. The reaction to it has been fabulous to date and it is running in all forms of media without any issue.”


[author ]Noretta Loum[/author]


  1. I like the fact it was banned. There’s just too much nakedness going on at this moment that it begins to stink. Must everything be sold by exposing the female body? Can’t things be no longer sold because of their values and so many other qualities and benefits? Must they all be now based on sex appeal?

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