Gunman kills three Christmas Shoppers In Liege, Belgium

A 33 year old gunman Nordine Amrani, opened fire and threw grenade at Christmas shoppers who were busy making their shopping in the city of Liege, Belgium. Three people and the attacker were killed in the process while over a hundred persons were injured.


  1. What a lowlife. Must he take the lives of others if he feels he is tired of living? What did these peole do to him. They are all strangers that he never knew. How can he justify this?

  2. Some people will just wake up and decide the want to shoot and kill people they do not know. What is this world turning into?

  3. This guy should have been in a mental home or get some help for depression or what ever was his problem. But of course, families, friends and neighbours were too busy the see the signs that he was really trouble. That is the world we live in today. People no longer care about one another.

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