Gruesome: Cameroonian Mother Cuts Off 3-Year-Old Son’s Penis


They say a mother’s love knows no bound. But the kind of abuse and crime some mothers commits against their children will make evil the devil to be ashamed. A 30-year-old mother is alleged to have cut off the sex organs of her 3-year-old son in Manengole, Nkongsamba, in Cameroon. The innocent child named Njankep Alexandre is presently in a protestant hospital in Doungue under intensive care. The incident took place on Saturday the 29th of November 2014.

According to Andre Ghomsi, a nurse at the Doungue hospital where the child is currently being treated in an intensive care unit, Nadesh K admitted to committing the gruesome mutilation on her son and said the removed part of the penis has been thrown into a stream.

The child was rushed to the hospital by a neighbour named Claude Tankeu who came after the act had been committed. The Gendarmerie says Nadege K. is a mother of four who has been epileptic since she was ten. She became mentally unstable due to her poor health condition and has been receiving assistance from her mother, Maman Helen.

Nadege K. is currently in police custody while awaiting her trial. According to her, she committed the gruesome crime against her innocent son because she wanted to warn the father of her four children of his parental responsibilities, the Cameroonweb reports.

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A similar incident took place in China last month when a cruel aunt cut off the penis of her 3-year-old nephew because he burst in on her while she was in the loo and asked to use her phone. The aunt, Xue Paan stormed into the kitchen, picked up a knife, and hacked off the little boy’s penis.The victim, Qiang Qiang was lucky as the doctors were able to re-attach the appendage in an emergency procedure. The 37-year-old aunt is currently in police detention and now faces 5 years in jail, reports the Daily Mail.


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