• Austrian-based Nigerian woman murdered by lover in Edo State.
  • Lover alleged to owe victim some money running into millions of Naira.
  • Suspect arrested and his alleged accomplice is said to be on the run.

The Edo State Police Command has arrested a man known as Festus Aimufua for the gruesome murder of his Austrian-based girlfriend who went to Nigeria to celebrate the Christmas and New Year merriments with her family. (See the photo of the man who committed the gruesome murder here.)

A manhunt has also been declared for a supposed witness of the horrid murder that is thought to have taken place in the early hours of December 25th (Christmas day).

The main culprit, Festus Aimufua has been arrested by the Ikpoba Hill Police Division for the suspected murder of Ms Rose Aifuwa, a middle-aged Austrian-based Nigerian from Benin City.

According to the reports by the National Mirror, before relocating to Austria, Rose and Festus were in a relationship and the two got together when the woman visited Nigeria.

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Sources say the debt Festus owes Rose was accrued as a result of the spare parts she sent to his lover (Festus Aimufua) who is a spare parts dealer in Benin City to help her sell. Festus was supposed to send the money back to Rose after selling the goods but he never did. It is alleged the suspect must have killed the woman because she requested for her money. The debt is alleged to be running into millions of Naira, which he has refused to pay back.

After killing the deceased, her lifeless body was dumped on a road along Upper Mission Street extension around Oando Filling Station in Benin City in the early hours of December 25th. The gory sight of the deceased’s lifeless body attracted onlookers and people who recognised her. Her family was then notified and the case was promptly reported to the police.

Mr Aimufua, popularly known as “Two Million,” is currently in police custody while there’s an intense search for an alleged accomplice that might have witnessed and assisted the prime suspect in carrying out the brutal crime.

According to Saturday Mirror, the case would be transferred to the State Crime Investigation Department (SCID) for a thorough investigation of the homicide.

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  1. O my God!!! Who does this? Is this man a human being or what? How do people do this and still be able to live with themselves? Barbaric! What people csn do because of money is really sad.

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