A LooK At Some Of Grace Mugabe's Fashion Style

Let us take a look at Grace Mugabe’s fashion style. Grace Marufu Mugabe is no longer the in the centre of Zimbabwe’s political arena. This is because the country’s military officers forced him o resign and hand over power after ruling the nation for 37 years.

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For so many years, Grace Mugabe was the first lady of Zimbabwe. Grace and Robert got married in 1996 and their lavish wedding was attended by about 40,000 people. Their guests’ list included late freedom fighter and former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

At the time they were married, the couple had already given birth to two children as Robert Mugabe was still officially married when he started a relationship with Grace. They had their third child a year after getting married.

Robert Mugabe, who is the only president the country has known since independence, wanted to make his wife the next president of the country. But Grace suffered bad publicity after the news of how she beat up a model who was a friend to her son appeared in the media. Apart from that, his husband, president Mugabe also sacked his Vice President as part of the preparation to put his wife in power. This did not go down well with many people, especially the military regime that got him removed as the president of the country.

Grace Mugabe’s political ambitions came to an end after the military took over and asked the husband to resign officially. A few days later, it was reported that she was in Namibia on business as her husband remained detained at home in Harare, her attempts at future-proofing herself and her family have apparently backfired.

The first lady loved fashion and was not afraid of spending huge resources in her fashion pieces. As such, some of her citizens nicknamed her as “Gucci Grace”. In addition, some of her detractors like to refer to her as the “First Shopper”. Grace, who was a struggling single mother rose from grass to grace and became one of the most powerful women in Zimbabwe.

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