Google restores Linda Ikeji’s Blog a day after it was suspended as a result of plagiarism and copyright infringement claim by Twitter user @MrAyeDee. Linda who was excited by Google’s move and quick action in restoring her blog and  tweeted, “And Google restores . I hear it’s a record. Normally it takes weeks or months to restore a deleted blog. But not LIB.”

“They found out the claims were bogus& deliberate sabotage. Happy to get my blog back. Thanks to all the guys at Google who worked tirelessly. Google restores LIB 24hrs after deleting it based on bogus claims. They usually don’t do this. I feel so blessed and so loved. Thanks LIBers,” she added.

After the tweets to announce the restoration of her blog on Blogger and how happy she was, the popular Nigerian blogger tweeted a link to an article she titled, “Between Linda Ikeji and Mr Aye Dee. The real shocking story .”

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In the article, Linda Ikeji narrated how she’s known Mr Aye Dee whose real name is Mukhtar Alexander Dan’Iyan for many years and that he has been his very good friend and supporter. Miss Ikeji talked about how Alex, whom she knew then as Alex Info 1976AD used to send her articles to post on her blog as well as give her tips on how to grow her blog.

She said she lost contact with Alex sometime ago and was shocked to find out he was the @MrAyeDee that tried to shut down her blog. She then posted texts and screen grabs of her Google Hangouts conversation with @MrAyeDee.

Even though Linda Ikeji claimed she did not know @MrAyeDee was the same person as his long lost friend, the screen shots from their conversation showed the user’s name as Aye Dee.

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In their alleged conversation, @MrAyeDee said he thought Linda Ikeji has become unreachable to him because she now sees herself as a big shot. He talked about how he tried to reach the popular Nigerian blogger several times with no results. He also said contacted her on several occasions to ask her to remove unauthorised content she took from him as his partners were not happy about it but that Linda ignored him. He said he had no option but to file DMCA claims against Linda’s blog after numerous attempts to reach her through her email and on Twitter requesting she take down his infringed content.

You can read Linda’s full article on her website. Also, see screenshots of Linda’s tweet announcing the restoration of her blog below.

lindaikeji-tweet-google-restores-blog.jpg lindaikeji-tweet-google-restores-blog2.jpg


Photo Credit: Linda Ikeji’s Blog

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