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Goodluck Jonathan Declares State of Emergency in Nigeria

Goodluck Jonathan Declares State of Emergency in Nigeria

The Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan has declared a state of emergency as a result of a series of terrorist attacks that has been carried out by the Boko Haram group.

President Goodluck Jonathan swore to crush the Boko Haram group as he visited the victims of a Christmas Day church bombing that took the lives of 37 people. This means borders between Nigeria and Niger, Cameroon, as well as Chad will be closed.

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  1. I read in an old edition (maybe 2005) of the times (i think) that the pairvte sector’s determination is what has largely contributed to India’s socio-economic development. This is inspite of the corruption and bureacracy that is pervasive in the Indian public sector. In Nigeria, not withstnding the somewhat lopsided Economic reform, the pairvte sector is waking up to play its role. However, it needs to be more agressive and less reliant on govt patronage over time. I believe that the solution to Nigeria’s path to glory lies largely with solving the energy (electricity, gas, and petroleum) and the revival of the railway system. I believe all other issues- education, health, security etc will fall into place thereafter. On a lighter note, Jeremy, could you add some va va voom and pizzazz to ur blog pages?- its damn too dull like the English weather. I love reading your blog but the dullness kind of makes it boring for me.

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