True friends - denrele and goldie
Denrele & Goldie
Denrele and Toolz
Denrele & Toolz

In this episode of the Juice interview, Denrele talked about Goldie’s last moments, her music, her time at Big Brother Africa, her marriage and lots more.

You cannot mention colourful Nigerian Celebrities without adding Goldie’s name. She was one of Nigeria’s most colourful artist with very creative videos and costumes. She passed away on February 14 2013 (Valentine’s Day) after returning from the Grammys Award in the United States.

Denrele and Goldie (Susan Harvey) were best. The two friends were living together at the time Mrs Harvey passed away. You can read about Goldie’s death here if you missed it.

When KimKardashian visited Nigeria for the “Love Like a Movie” concert, she paid tribute to the Nigerian Musician. You can watch the video here.

Below is the video.

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