With brown beauty’s increasing demands for more attention from mainstream beauty, there’s a new company on the scene that’s decided to ‘be the change they want to see’. GlowwBox is the new beauty experience for women of colour. According to the founders, it is where “you’ll receive a must-have mix of beauty goodies, packed in a pretty box and delivered to your door, every month.”

GlowwBox announced the new service earlier this year, but at the moment it is only possible for women of colour to request an invite that will inform them on when the service will become available.

“I’m really excited about launching this new experience for brown beauty…I believe, as an industry, we do need more attention and it’s my desire to create a destination to help women of colour get that attention, in an exciting way.” says Founder, Jason Cameron.

About when GlowwBox will be launching he adds: “Subscriptions will be limited and will be secretly opened any day now to those who’ve requested an invite on our website.”


  1. As long as women remember that ‘glowwbox’ or any other makeup-kit can not replace their natural beauty. Although it may emphasize their beauty, still don’t forget to not use too much otherwise people will think that you have to hide something…

  2. Marc has famously battled drug addiction while in the earlier and has regular therapy periods. And that’s why regardless of the shaky economic climate, Zara’s plan for entire world domination isn’t faltering.

  3. Ok, so, what are we supposed to do? Everybody going into the same business. It’s just getting over crowded.

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