A German-born Nigerian has written a recession-busting book that is vital for every household in the diaspora. In the book, the author gave 10 steps that are essential for managing your household budget.

In a time of austerity cuts and economic uncertainty across the world, Tokie Laotan-Brown’s guide to managing a household budget is a must have book for families and individuals who are keen to make their money go further.  As a busy professional woman, wife and mother, Tokie is all too aware of what it takes to make every penny count.

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By using her own experiences and undertaking research, Tokie was able to compile this easy to read 10 Step guide to household money management. Her interest in money-management stems from her time working as a consultant in money and portfolio management for 5 years.

“10 Steps to Managing your household budget” provides readers with useful financial management tools to assess how their household expenditure is utilised. From managing household bills to understanding where most money is spent, the book is an insightful tool in becoming more adept at personal financial management.

Born in Wurzburg, Germany to Nigerian parents, Tokie Laotan-Brown is currently undertaking a joint Phd Program in Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage at the University of Nova Gorica and Universita Iuav di Venezia, Italy.

Tokie currently works as a property manager and as a consultant in the housing sector, as an environmental architectural technologist.



  1. In my humble opinion, too many people really don’t know how to handle money. For them, it’s like “money is made to be spent immediately” to fulfill their immediate wishes (or whatever…) , without the notion to spare a bit money for later or to spare in case something unpredictable happens, etc. Thus, this book is a good initiative!

    • Yeah, it’s a shame many people do not know how to manage their money. And the worse ones are those that live on credit. They will lend money to buy expensive cars, houses, clothes and stuffs that their income cannot afford. All just to show off and impress who i don’t really know.

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