25 Trendy Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

Check out these super trendy Updo Hairstyles for black women and get your hair styling game on point.

NYPD officers hitting it hard with West Indiana Day Parade Dancers

NYPD officers were caught on video camera hitting it hard with West Indiana Day Parade Dancers while they were on duty wearing uniforms. Watch the video!

This Is Why Irene Major Malin Bleached Her Skin

Do you know why Irene Major Malin bleached her skin. See what she said about ir.

African Migrant Riches

When pulled together, African migrant riches could go a long way in lifting up the continent's economy. #AfricanMigrantRiches #AfricansAbroad #Money.

Bleached Queens: More Photos Of Black Women Who Whitened Their Skin

Bleached queens - see photos of more African women who whitened their skin to look beautiful. For them, being dark skinned is ugly and unappealing.

Nigerian Bleaching Expert Pele Okiemute Showcases Skin Lightening Products

Nigerian bleaching expert, Pele Okiemute showcase the many beauty products he uses in order to achieve his very light complexion. #bleachingcreams #peleokiemute

In Saudi Arabia, A Woman Is Flogged For Getting Raped

In Saudi Arabia, a woman is flogged for getting raped instead of being the victim. Does this mean Saudi men are encouraged to rape helpless women? #HumanRights

Woman From Hell Slaps, Kicks, Stomp On A Child For Throwing Up

This woman from hell torture and abused a little child by slapping, kicking and stomping on the defenceless child for throwing up. #HeartBreaking to see.

Horrible: Ugandan Woman Stripped And Physically Abused In India

This is horrible! This Ugandan woman was physically abused and disgraced in public by this India man. Her clothes were torn and she was being kicked at.

The Unretouched Photo of Lingerie-clad Cindy Crawford That Went viral On Twitter

See the unretouched photo of lingerie-clad Cindy Crawford that went viral on Twitter and see the retouched version of the same photo. #TheBeautyOfPhotoshop

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