Massacre Of 147 people In Kenya- Face Behind The Attack

Massacre Of 147 people In Kenya- Face Behind The Attack-2

Above are the photos of the six men that stormed the campus of Garrisa University College in Kenya on April 2nd and massacred 147 people. Those killed included 142 students, 3 security officers, as well 2 university security personnel. The gruesome attack also left another 104 people injured, while 19 are in critical condition.

Starting from above left, the names of the men are as follows;

  1. Muumin Abdalla Muumin
  2. Suleiman Mohamed Awadh
  3. Abdifatah Abubakar Abdi
  4. Abdalla Salim Marumu
  5. Mohamed Abubakar Mohamed
  6. Mahir Khalid Riziki

Out of the six men, five of them have been captured. And a most wanted offer has been placed on Mohamed Abubakar Mohamed who is the leader of al-Shabaab and identified to be the brain behind the bloodied attack.


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