Wearing tight pants and underwear is the reason a lot of women in Gambia have become barren, says Gambian president Yahya Jammeh.

Telling his country women they do not need to wear tight trousers to attract him, Yahya said: “You don’t have to wear tight trousers and underwear to attract me. Many young girls in this country are unable to get conceive because of their dress style.

“Women in this country are faced with infertility, and all kinds of health issues. Your private part needs some air around it to be able to function effectively. How can you conceive, when you are dressed in tight trousers and underwear? You must change your dress style if you want to get a baby,” he continued on why Gambian women are suffering from all kinds of health issue and finding it hard to conceive.

Speaking at a meeting in Banjul as part of his nationwide tour, the president used the opportunity to condemn skin bleaching that has become rampant among black women who intentionally use creams, pills and different methods to lighten their skin and look paler.

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“We banned skin bleaching since 1994, but our women never heeded to the ban. Now you have reaped the price of skin bleaching. You have been rendered impoverished because of skin bleaching. Skin bleaching has jeopardised your health,” he said.

“You often backbite me by saying that Yahya Jammeh wants light-skinned women.That’s not true. Many a time, you will try to attract me sexually by walking past me during public functions. I know all what you have been saying behind my back. You don’t have to bleach your skin to attract me. I love black beauty,” he added.

Read more about the president’s speech on the RT website.

And by the way, does wearing skinny jeans and tight underwears make women infertile as the Gambia president has asserted and stated?

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