Meet Annette Larkins, the ageless woman who looks 30 at 70 by sticking to what she calls her “fountain of youth”. The woman just turned seventy and she is a size 4.

Fountain of Youth - Ageless Woman Looks 30 at 70

Annette maintained hear youthfulness and beautiful by eating natural and uncooked food. The woman defied the ageing process with vegan diet of home-grown vegetables and rainwater. Annette grows almost everything she eats in the garden she refers to as her “fountain of youth.”

Annette is a grand mother who has been married for almost 54 years now. According to her husband Amos, people would “would ask me what i’m i doing with a young girl?.” Most people do not believe Annette and Amos are a couple. People usually think she is her grand daughter.

Annette’s two boys are in their 50’s. (I guess Annette would be looking younger than her sons partners).

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