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Video: FlyTimeTV Interview With Vic. O

Video: FlyTimeTV Interview With Vic. O

Vic. O is a Nigerian musician based in Italy. He became popular by uploading his self produced videos on Youtube where he has many subscribers and commenters.

Here is FlyTimeTV’s interview with the Youtube made celebrity, Vic O.

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  1. No worry boy, i go come to your HAFTA PARRY. Hahaha, Vic O. you have made my day.

    • Vic. O, you are a joker. That you believe you are really making music is beyond my imagination.

  2. I just love this girl!!!

  3. Wow, i have seen MUMU before but Vic. O’s own is beyond me. This guy is a serious troubled person who need help.

  4. Ah, this girl is wicked. That you sit there asking those questions without laughing and making a fool of that guy while you are at it as well as encouraging him is what i call wickedness.

  5. In his mind now, he really feel like a celebrity. Mumu dede.

  6. Let the guy be. I don not see how what ever he does is now your problem. Please, let him be.

  7. Goodluck Vic. O.

  8. Atleast, the guy has gotten an interview. You never know what next will be offered on his table. Keep on cursing.

  9. Vic. O, don’t mind this people. With all the insults you have received on Youtube and several other channel, you keep on doing what you are determined and passion about. That is a good trait for success bro. Keep it up and it will soon work out for you. One love.

  10. Vic. O, why don’t you make a career switch and become a comedian that you really are instead of this disgrace you call music?

  11. This guy is a joke 🙂

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