Magic FM Presenter, Angie Greaves in collaboration with the Macmillan Cancer Support is set to host the first Feeling Fab Cancer Awareness Event.

The objective of the event is to raise awareness on the effects of the disease within the African Caribbean communities.

According to research statistics, death rates among the African-Caribbean Cancer sufferers are much higher than in other races. In addition, the age of diagnosis is also much younger than in other races. This is in spite of the fact that actually contracting Cancer is less prevalent.

Top PR agencies, Shiloh PR and Merité PR will be collaborating with the organisers to spread the word about the event that will be taking place on Saturday, November 30th.

The event will provide in-depth information in an attempt to change the staggering statistics within the African Caribbean community in the UK.

“It is a pleasure – but also important – to be able to create this awareness event alongside Macmillan Cancer Support. The level of mortality for this disease is In larger numbers than we know within the BAME communities so connection is imperative,” said Angie Graves.

Twenty-two year old Bianca Brown is one of the guests that will be speaking at the event. Bianca is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment and is using social media to document her journey. Her Instagram page ‘The Cancer Diaries’ has close to 5k followers to date.

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Special Guest speaker will be TV Presenter Rianna Scipio, best known in the UK for her work on National TV, as prime-time presenter of flagship programmes such as BBC’s Watchdog, Holiday, and on Radio 2 and Choice FM.

Rianna Scipio is also a Breast Cancer ‘previvor’ (survivor of a predisposition to cancer) and recently underwent a double mastectomy. She is in support of the event and will be working with the team to share her story of hope and empowerment with other cancer sufferers and their families: “It’s a little-known fact that breast cancer affects black woman far younger than in any other demographic and is known to be more aggressive when it does. It’s time to be informed and empowered about the risks and new approaches to treatment and prevention. There’s no need to fear anymore,” says Rianna Scipio.

The first of what will be an annual Cancer Awareness event takes place at The Cumberland hotel in the heart of London. It will be attended by Media and celebrities from the African Caribbean community, especially those that have suffered Cancer. Money earned from this event will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

A section of the event will be dedicated to BBC Comedian Felix Dexter who recently passed away from a Cancer-related illness.

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