Meet Vashtina Johnson: Diva Face 2015 Winner

Vashtina Johnson is the winner of Diva Face of Colour 2015. Apart from Divas Face, the 31-year-old model has participated in Top model UK 2015 finalist (3rd...

What Characteristics Should Men Look For In A Divorce Firm?

What characteristics should men look for in a divorce firm? Check them out and know what to do when you are in need of of divorce lawyer.

Mornings Are Dark, And I Lie In Bed, Wrapped In Fatigue. I Cry Often...

Mornings are dark, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says in an article she wrote for the UK Guardian about her struggle with depression, her denial and acceptance.

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Nigeria’s Rich Dream Wedding: How Some Spend Over $2 Million

Nigeria's rich dream wedding are being celebrated by the creme-de-la-creme of the nation, spending over $2 million while the majority lives below a dollar.

PIERS MORGAN: The Snobs Can All Kiss Kim’s Butt #BreaktheInternet

Piers Morgan said: "The snobs can all kiss Kim's butt, her biggest talent is always being herself - and I love her for it!" #BreakTheInternet

Zwarte Piet, Blackface Painted White Models and the Black Community

The Zwarte Piet image has been a controversial topic in the Netherlands among black people and Africans in the Netherlands. They feel there is a racist undertone in painting a white man's face to represent black.

Book: Random Missing Pieces by James Balogun

‘No point looking back on chances that are gone’ Random pieces is a book that tells the story of James Balogun and his struggles through the journey of...

Congratulations!!! You Are Planning Your Wedding Budget

This article is written about wedding budget by Tokie Laotan is part of our September/October digital Issue. As you all know, planning a wedding can be a hectic exercise and taking the right steps will ensure you save time and money - as well as make sure your special day goes down as planned.