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Be Thankful! You Cannot Be More Complete Than You Already Are

Stop concentrating on the negatives. There is so much positive in you than you are aware of. Love yourself. The greatest love you can find is self-love. If you love yourself, no one can make sad. You have the power to change your life. Stop wishing for things you lack and start taking actions with those you have. You can ...

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The First Black News Anchors in Europe

The first black news anchors in Europe was written and published in the Afro-Europe Blog in 2009. The purpose of posting it now is to inspire Africans and blacks in Europe (AfroCosmopolitans) to do something and make a difference. When Harry Roselmack started reading the news for a big televison station in France it seemed the face of Europe was changing. ...

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Video: "Black Deutschland" – The Black Experience in Germany

This article was posted in Afro-Europe Blog in July 2011. The documentary BLACK DEUTSCHLAND (Black Germany) of 2006 is an intimate study about the feelings and the thoughts of a not so small minority – black Germans and black people in Germany. The director Oliver Hardt portrays five individuals engaged in the cultural sector. They explain in an emotional, nevertheless ...

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Simone Wijmans – New Black TV News Anchor in The Netherlands

Simone Weimans will be the new TV news anchor in The Netherlands for the NOS morning and day shows. Starting June 15th she will also be a news editor, the NOS (the Dutch BBC) announced today. The 39-year old Weimans, who was born in The Netherlands to Surinamese parents, presented the current affairs radio program Dichtbij Nederland of the NPS ...

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Forbes 20 Youngest Power Women In Africa

  As a response to one of Forbes’ more popular pieces, The 20 Youngest Power Women, I decided to compile my own list of The 20 Youngest Power women In Africa. Of course, this is by no means an official or an exhaustive list. But these are 20 women, all under age 45, who wield enormous influence in African business, technology, policy and ...

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