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Health: Illegal Toxic Skin-Bleaching Trade Expose

An investigation by Sky News has discovered that shops in London are selling unlicensed or prescription-only skin-bleaching products to willing customers. In Peckham, southeast London, the investigators purchased a tube of Fashion Fair Cream from two shops. This product is unlicensed in the UK and contains Clobetasol Propionate, a prescription-only steroid used for the treatment of illnesses such as eczema ...

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Photo: 911 Attack on a T-Shirt, Tribute or Mockery?

Photo of the Day: 911 Attack on a T-Shirt, Tribute or Mockery?

This 911 attack printed on this T-shirt, is a tribute to those that were lost in the tragic attack or a mockery of them?

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Photo of the Day: Pregnant Beyonce in sexy bare thighs animal print leggings

Pregnant Beyonce was snapped wearing a sexy animal print leggings as she steps out.

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Photos of the Day: Lady Gaga’s Most Gagalicious Pieces

Take a look at Lady Gaga’s top ten most Gagalicious fashion. The singer is famous for wearing strange and attention grabbing outfits. Check them out.

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Guess who OK! Magazine spotted at the London Fashion Week? Genevieve Nnaji

Can you guess who Ok Magazine spotted at London Fashion Week? Well, it was no other person than Nigerian sweetheart, Genevieve Nnaji. Check her out.

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