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Obama Article of Black’s Embracing White Fashion is Not Racist, Elle

Elle France says it's article that suggested black people started embracing white fashion in 2008 when Michelle and Barack Obama moved to the white is not racist. Read it all...

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Ghanaian British Stylist and Creative Consultant Marian Kihogo

In 2011, Vogue Magazine interviewed Ghanaian British stylist and Creative Consultant, Marian Kihogo. Here is an excerpt of the interview to inspire you. Marian of one of the Afro-Europeans making it in Europe. Here at AfroCosmopolitan, it is our duty to highlight her achievements and that of people like her. Enjoy!!! Name Marian Kihogo. Personal style An emotive experience, a ...

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Photo of the Day: Christina Aguilera Spotted Looking Bloated!!!

A day after Christina Aguilera’s alleged menstrual accident (which turned out to be streak of fake tan running through her legs/thighs), the super star was spotted looking bloated. Maybe she has given up on self maintenance, keeping fit and all those celebrity daily routine.

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Shy'm Transparent Feather Corset

Photo of the Day: Shy’m Transparent Feather Corset

Here is Shy’m transparent corset. According to Styleite Because France’s NRJ Music Festival is apparently where terrible clothes go to be photographed, R&B singer Shy’m wore a transparent, feathered and anatomically accurate corset to take home the title of Francophone Female Artist of the Year. But let’s go back to that dress. <p>We have no idea who designed it (or what ...

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Photo of the Day: Amber Rose Mike Tyson-Inspired Left Eye Tattoo

American model, Amber rose has a large left eye tattoo that looks similar to the one of Mike Tyson. She showed it off while out and having fun with her man.

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Nigerian Woman Blinded and Paralysed for Intolerance to all Food

Health: Nigerian Woman Blinded and Paralysed for Intolerance to all Food

A Nigerian woman who caught a stomach bug on holiday developed a host of food intolerances so serious that they made her blind as well as temporarily paralysed. According to Bunmi Sobowale, living in Sheffield, her food problems have affected more or less every single portion of her body at one time or another in more than 20 separate occurrences. ...

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Is Showing Pubic Hair American Apparel’s 2012 Fashion Trend?

Is showing pubic hair the new way of advertising by American Apparel? Check out this photo. What do you think about it?

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Meet the World's Ultimate Celebrity!!!

Photo of the Day: Meet the World’s Ultimate Celebrity!!!

In order to create the ultimate celebrity, a poll was conducted to discover the most desirable parts of female celebrities. To create this image, the most desirable parts of ten female celebrities were put together to create that persona. The hair belong to the Duchess of Cambridge, the chocolate brown eyes belong to singer Cheryl Cole, the nose actress Kate ...

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Photo of the Day: Rihanna’s See Through Dress to P.Diddy’s New Year’s Eve Party

Rihanna’s See Through Dress to P.Diddy’s New Year’s Eve Party! Must see LOL! Rihanna wore this transparent see through dress to P.Diddys New year’s eve party. The music star is well known for always experimenting with her fashion style. She has experimented with almost every style of clothes, hair styles and what have you. Source: DE.OMG.Yahoo

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Toddler Who Underwent 33 Operations After a Fatal Caravan Fire

Photo of the Day: Toddler Who Underwent 33 Operations After a Fatal Caravan Fire

  Brave toddler who underwent 33 operations after a fatal Caravan fire.

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