In our modern day, more and more people are deciding to go to the races. The majority of race goers enjoy the buzz and thrilling vibe on the concourse, and enjoy getting dressed up with friends and family. Traditionally, Royal Ascot has always been the race meeting for fashion but, in the last decade or so, the Cheltenham Festival and Aintree Grand National meetings have started to see a significant increase in spectators dressing up for the occasion. We take a look at this year’s two main horse racing events, and discuss some of the latest fashion that has been spotted at the two meetings.


Cheltenham Festival:

Cheltenham has grown drastically in the last few years, and the majority of spectators, punters and owners feel the need to dress up in their very best when attending this fantastic event. Ladies Day at Cheltenham has been particularly popular, and has attracted some fabulous fashion items over the years, but this year saw a significant increase in the number of males attending too.

Whether festival goers are wearing tweed coats, curvy pink dresses or trendy hats, there are always some amazing sights at Cheltenham and the popularity of the festival has started to attract well-dressed celebrities too. Unfortunately, the weather ensured that the majority of people were forced to cover up but there were still lots of eye-catching outfits on site.


Aintree Grand National Meeting:

Although the majority of people attend the Grand National meeting in an attempt to beat the bookmakers and win some money, there are also a reasonable number who attend for the fashion parades. Liverpool women pride themselves on their looks and the majority of people attending Aintree believe that their fashion sense is the best at any horse racing event on the calendar.

The fashion scene at Aintree is extremely different from Royal Ascot and Cheltenham. Whilst Ascot have a strict dress code and would refuse entry to those who do not stick to their rules and regulations, Aintree are open to a broader range of fashion. Celebrities, such as X-Factor’s Rebecca Ferguson, attended this year’s event and added a touch of class to proceedings, while some decided to bring a touch of colour to the meeting and wore rainbow coloured dresses. There is no doubt that Aintree goers are extremely proud of their festival, and they should also be proud of their fashion efforts this year after the majority were dressed very smartly indeed.


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