Another month, another woman from hell maid. This time, it is 22-year-old Violet Moyo. The evil maid from Zimbabwe was minding 10-month-old Ethan Phiri while his parents were away. She wrapped him up in a blanket, placed him inside a locker and locked it up to enable her to watch Telemundo.

The evil maid felt the baby was disturbing her from watching the most important soap in the world and found a way to shut up the child. By the time she went to check on him three hours later, the baby was dead.

Moyo has been arrested for the murder of the little baby who suffocated to death due to the lack of air. And according to the police, she told them the baby was crying too much and locked him up in the drawer to silence his disturbance.

On why she killed the innocent baby, Moyo said she was possessed by an evil spirit made her murder the baby.

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This is not the first time news of housemaids killing, maltreating, or mercilessly beating innocent and defenceless babies have emerged. A few months ago, a Ugandan maid was captured on camera stomping, throwing, and kicking an 18-month-old baby for throwing up on the floor. The maid was later arrested and sentenced to 4 years in prison. And according to most people, the sentence was not enough.


  1. With all the news about housemaids beating, maltreating and killing innocent and helpless babies becoming rampant, parents should be very care with whom they leave their kids with.

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