Europe, Football and Racism

The prejudice of being a black footballer in Europe has been a problem and not even topmost players like Eto’o, Roberto Carlos and Paul Davis could be spared. Nazi chants and monkey intonations are part of the familiar story.

As multiculturalism and cultural awareness grows, its impact in Western Europe has diminished. Sadly enough, this is not the case in Eastern Europe where top footballer, Eto’o has just been recently transferred to.

According to Pankowski , “Monitoring incidents when they happen, and dealing with them, is a big step forward. Our report showed the extent of the problem but we are using Euro 2012 as an opportunity to promote awareness that racism is bad for football and bad for society as a whole,”

“With the World Cup on the horizon, the world will be watching Russia and the Russian authorities closely — because you cannot attract a superstar like Eto’o to your country, abuse him, and expect people to turn the other way when it happens” Piara Powar, FARE organization.

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