Italian government has approved a Directive introducing the EU Blue Card. On 16th March 2012 the government approved the Directive that transposes the provisions of the EU Blue Card Directive.

EU Blue Card Approved by the Italian Government

The EU Blue Card Directive puts in place common and efficient rules that allow highly skilled people from outside Europe to come and work in the EU labour markets where there is a need.

The Directive establishes a fast-track admission procedure for these foreigners and ensures a common set of social and economic rights (equal to those of EU nationals) in a number of areas.

The Blue Card Directive was adopted on 25th May 2009 and Member States had until 19th June 2011 to transpose its provisions into national law. All EU Member States except Denmark, the UK and Ireland are bound by the Directive.

Once a Member State grants a Blue Card to a migrant, that person can then benefit from free access to highly qualified employment positions in that Member State and can also move to another EU Member State where their skills may be needed.

Coupled with preferential rules for acquiring long term resident status and for family reunification, the Blue Card scheme presents an attractive package to potential highly qualified migrants.

Before the new Directive enters into force, it will have to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

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