An Equal Pay  WATCHDOG set up by Whitehall to ensure women get equal pay was blasted last night after admitting it pays men more.

Equal Pay Watchdog Pays Men More Than Women
Trevor Philips – Human Rights Commission chairman

The Equality and Human Rights Commission was formed to fight workplace discrimination by making bosses carry out equal-pay audits.

But the £53million-a-year quango is breaching its own guidelines by paying men four per cent more. White staff also get more than those from black or ethnic backgrounds.

Payroll figures revealed to The Sun will embarrass the body — and not least its black chairman Trevor Phillips, who is paid £112,000 per year.

The average woman working for the Commission gets £28,846 and men an extra £1,154.

Equal pay watchdog pays men more than women
Trevor Philips – Human Rights Commission chairman

White staff get £33,164 per year — six per cent above black or ethnic minority colleagues working in the same building, according to data revealed after a Freedom of Information request.

The figures come more than two years after the EHRC vowed to snuff out any pay discrimination among its employees.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance said the gaps exposed the body as “a waste of money”.

A spokesman said: “It’s absurd that this unaccountable quango can’t even be run in a manner that abides by its own mission statements.”

The EHRC last night insisted it had CUT its pay gap in recent years and planned an equal pay review in the coming year.

Source: Sun UK

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