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Who Else Is Looking For The Best Ways To Rock Ankara African Print Styles To Work?


There are a few jobs that you can dress in whatever way you choose to. But for a lot of others, the ankara African print is a no no. Especially during the times African print was worn only by married women and to places like churches, wedding events, and other special occasions.

All that has changed now, in today’s fashion – the ankara African print has become a big player in the fashion industry. Top designers and other non-African designers are now using the colourful print fabric for their designs. This new trend has revolutionised the way we wear African print.

Today, African print is now being worn by little children, teenagers, young men and women, as well as non-Africans. As such, instead of using it for only making traditional African styles like iro and buba, African tops with wrappers, agbada and other strictly African outfits – we now see suits made in ankara prints as well as straight pants, long and short dresses, shirts, and all kinds of designs one can think of.

Also, apart from the fact that traditional African styles are not so practical for workplaces, one other reason many people do not consider it as an attire for their workplace is because most of the prints are very loud and colourful. However, what most people don’t know is that, if you do it right, the ankara African print fabric can be worn to formal settings like the office and other day-to-day gatherings.

The most important element to consider is the print and the combination. So, the best way to do this is to choose an appropriate style with a more subtle colour or diffuse the colour with a monotonic fabric.

If you love African prints and would love to incorporate it into your office wardrobe, take a look at these styles and combinations to get some inspiration. Remember, there are still some jobs that have very strict dressing code and would still make it difficult to wear African print to work. But these combinations will be suitable for a lot of jobs and positions.

Also, check out these 50 fabulous African print styles for teenagers. If you’re looking for Nigerian iro and buba styles for your little girl, check out this post.














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