Good news to EU air passengers as they can now claim compensations of between 250 and 600 euros for flights delayed for about 3 hours and above.

This ruling was made by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). According to the ruling, such passengers should be regarded as being in comparable situation with those whose flight were cancelled in the last minute. This is based on the principle of equal treatment for all consumers. With this reasoning, delayed passengers are alleged to have suffered similar inconveniences that were encountered by those whose flight were cancelled. The loss of time in arriving at their destination as scheduled by the airlines.

To strike balance between both parties, delayed passengers has no right to compensation if an airline can prove the delay was as a result of extraordinary circumstances that could not be avoided.

According to Lain Osborne, CAA Director of Regulatory Policy, “Every year around 200 million passengers travel on two million flights to and from the UK, with the vast majority experiencing no problems. However, when something does go wrong, there are regulations in place to protect travellers, and the CAA is ready to ensure companies abide by them.

Before this ECJ ruling, delayed passengers were only entitled to claims for refreshments, meals and 2 free telephone calls. In the case of an overnight delays, passengers were entitled to hotel accommodations as well as transfers to and from their hotels.

In opposition to CAA’s interpretation of due compensation, an easyJet spokeswoman said, the airline welcomed the clarity even though it is disappointed by the outcome.

Written By Gloria Ilaya


  1. Many thanks for taking this chance to share this. It means i can now file claims from those airlines that delay you for hours without reasons and don’t even care if you are missing an appointment that might be a lifetime opportunity.

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