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Ebola Survivor: British Nurse Returns To Sierra Leone

British Nurse Ebola Survivor Returns To Sierra Leone

An Ebola survivor who is a British nurse that was flown out of Sierra Leone after contracting the deadly virus has returned to the West African country. William Pooley was working as a volunteer nurse in the country where he contracted the virus and had to be flown back to Britain to undergo treatment.

After being cured of the virus, Pooley thinks he’s in a better position to help the people as he’s now immune to the virus. He returned to Sierra Leone on the 19th of October and will resume work on Monday, October 20th to continue his work as a nurse. He will be working at an Ebola Isolation Unit at the Connaught Hospital in Free Town, Sierra Leone.

“I chose to go before and it was the right thing to do then and it’s still the right thing to do now,” William said. Adding he cannot just sit and fold his hands and do nothing while the people are helpless. William was flown from Sierra Leone to the United Kingdom on August 25th.

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Feature Image credit: The Guardian UK.

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