Dutch Immigrant Youth More Likely to Have Police Contact

A new report by the government’s socio-cultural policy unit SCP paints a disturbing picture of the position of the Dutch immigrant youth in the society. According to television news companies which have seen a leaked copy.

The report shows that youths with a non-western background are much more likely to come into contact with the police than the native Dutch, the broadcasters say.

RTL News reports people of Antillean origin are most likely to be suspected of committing a crime, followed by people with a Moroccan and Surinamese background.

For example, 65% of Dutch Moroccan youths under the age of 23 have been questioned by police, which is a ‘shocking’ fact, the SCP says. However, it is unknown how many of them were actually convicted of a crime, Nos television points out.


The SCP also looked at employment rates among immigrants as a whole. Some 12% of immigrants are jobless, compared with 4.5% of the native white Dutch. And according to RTL, non-western immigrants are six times as likely to claim basic welfare benefits.

And one third of immigrant children leave school without any qualifications, compared with 18% of the native population.

Nevertheless, there are some high points, RTL news states. For example, more children with an ethnic minority background are going on to higher education after leaving school.

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