Deciphering Diamonds: What Does The Cut Of A Diamond Say About Its Wearer?

Deciphering Diamonds: What Does the Cut of a Diamond Say About its Wearer?

There is no question that a wedding band is a reflection of one’s unique taste and creative personality. Many women are unaware that the actual cut of their diamond may say something about their personal traits. Whether they are shy and conservative or glitzy and glamorous, there is a diamond shape for even the most discerning tastes.

  • Round Cut Diamond

    The simple round cut diamond continues to be one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring. Round rings reflect an air of timeless sophistication and a love without end. Women who prefer round cuts are traditionalists at heart. They prefer a more conventional wedding filled with time-honored wedding customs. Round cut women are honest, conservative, and faithful until the end.

  • Oval Cut Diamond

    A combination of a round-cut and emerald cut stone, the oval cut diamond takes sparkling to the next level. Similar to the round diamond, women who select oval diamonds are somewhat conservative; however, they may have bit more individuality. The diamonds egg-shape is thought to represent fertility.

  • Marquise Cut Diamond

    Marquise diamonds are larger than life, and should not be worn by a passive woman. This large stone is created to maximize carat weight, making it a prime choice for women who crave dramatic and extravagant accessories.

  • Pear Cut Diamond

    Often referred to as the teardrop diamond, this pear-shaped stone takes its style from the marquise and oval cut diamonds. This choice is for the indecisive lady who wants the best of both worlds. With one rounded edge and one pointed, the teardrop is for women who have both sharp edges and soft corners.

  • Princess Cut Diamond

    Although princess cuts are still seen as a traditional choice, they are perhaps a bit more modern. The four-pointed corners add a new flair on an old favorite. The woman who wears a princess cut is energetic and craves excitement.

  • Emerald Cut Diamond

    This elaborate cut is not for the faint of heart. In fact, emerald diamonds have fewer facets, allowing any flaws in the stone to show through. Women who wear an emerald shaped ring have confidence, and are considered risk-takers. They challenge naysayers and are head-strong in their decisions.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond

    The cushion diamond is soft and elegant. A cross between a traditional round diamond and a princess cut, this romantic ring is for a woman who is soft around the edges, yet stunning.

  • Radiant Cut Diamond

    The radiant diamond stone mirrors the emerald cut; however it has more facets allowing it to radiate immense amounts of light. Glitzy and glamorous, this ring will sparkle, as will the woman who owns it.

  • Heart Cut Diamond

    This unique stone is shaped into a perfect heart. Whether the bride is in love with love, or all things heart-shaped, this is the perfect ring to reflect her individual style and personality

  • Asscher Cut Diamond

    The vintage-style asscher cut diamond is for the fashionably savvy woman. A favorite among the trendy elite, this gorgeous ring is definitely vogue. This ring is for women who loved to be noticed and the center of attention. Wearing this ring will definitely do the trick.

Women who are in the process of choosing the perfect wedding ring may want to find one that matches their personality. Others who have a wedding ring may want to discover what their ring truly means, and they may discover something about themselves in the process.

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