On Sunday the 27th of April 2014, Barcelona defender Dani Alves made international headlines when he picked up and ate a racist banana that was thrown at him during his team’s match against Villareal.

At the 76th minute of the match, Dani Alves was about to take a corner when someone threw a banana at him. Instead of getting angry, Alves simply picked up the bana, took a bite and continued with the game.

Speaking about the incident Alves said, “I don’t know who it was, but thanks to whoever threw the banana, the potassium gave me the energy for the two crosses which led to a goal.”

Since his reaction, stars have voiced support for the Barca playing, snapping photos of themselves or in a group and posting to social networks with with the hashtag, “We are all monkeys“.

See the video below.

See photos of the “We are all monkeys” meme below.


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