OMG! This is a must watch!!! A woman gives birth in the car while her husband was driving and recording the event simultaneously.

WARNING: This video shows a live birth so there are some graphic images. Do not watch it if you cannot stand the sight!!!

A man fromTexas was speeding down a long highway trying to get his wife to the birth centre because she was in labour.
However, baby Willow was in a haste to be born and could not wait for the parents to get there. The impatient daughter pressed her way out of the womb right in the car while her dad was driving!

Instead of pulling over to allow his wife give birth, the new dad decided to pull out his camera to record the big event!

Willow was born while her mother was sitting in the passenger seat. Her dad kept one hand on the steering wheel while the other one was on the camera in their Ford compact that he was recording the event with.

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The new mum said the birth was SUPER easy and quick. The couple say they plan to keep the car so Willow can drive it when she turns 16!!


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