Couple Stuck Together After Hot Sex In Sea: Were Separated In Hospital

It may sound like a scene from a horrible sex movie. But according to a report by Italian newspaper Il Mattino, an Italian couple were stuck together after having some hot sex in the sea. The unfortunate event took place at Porto San Giorgio in the Marche region of Italy. The couple were reported to have called for help thirty minutes after arriving the sea.

The man and woman were discovered by a woman that was walking alone along the quite sea. She heard their cry for help and gave them a towel to cover up their nakedness. More people from the place came to their rescue and called an ambulance for the couple who were already embarrassed by the incident.

It took about an hour before the ambulance could get to their location. They were then rushed to the hospital where they were separated by administering an injection to dilate the woman’s uterus.

In July this year, a similar case was reported in Zimbabwe where a couple were stuck together for seven hours and were unable to unlock themselves after sex. They were later separated by the man’s father.

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