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  1. Isossy Children to host special fashion show at Women4Africa Awards 2013
    Isossy Children will be hosting an exclusive children’s fashion show for guests at the Women4Africa Awards in May 2013. Women4africa is an awards ceremony honouring women identified and nominated by the public. The Women4Africa Awards will take place on May 18th at the Great Hall in Kensington.
    This will be a double celebration for Isossy Children as its founder, Amanda Rabor, has been shortlisted in the “Fashion Designer of The Year” Category at the Annual Women4Africa Awards.
    Isossy Children was founded by Amanda Rabor in 2010. Isossy Children is a celebration of colour, vivacity, global influences and fashion. It offers children and their parents’ choice, style and design, which is why many of the pieces are limited edition prints. “It keeps our style unique and fresh. We want you to visit the website frequently with the knowledge that our styles and colours will change offering parents new ranges for all occasions”, says Amanda.
    Entering its 7th season, childrenswear brand ISOSSY CHILDREN continues to be the forerunner in global clothing for kids. The range sees lots of Tween pieces for girls and boys (2-12 yrs) that look as though they’ve just stepped off the catwalk. Key styles such as the all print pant suits for girls and boys is going to be a real player within the up and coming collections.
    Notes to Editor
    High resolution images available upon request
    [email protected]

  2. love this website, carry on it

  3. Hello have u heard of the guy bizzy salifu
    Bizzy salifu is a New artist who is Based in Belgium and his very proud to represent the Africans and make us proud . right now he is the face of face of Africa* in Belgium
    thats what many people based in belgium call him .
    Let bizzy salifu represent your brand







    I believe u should interview him on your show and use him for your brand


  4. have you heard of Joshante the stocktrader?? he is Canary wharf youngest CEO being the only black African to turn over a million pound company at the age of 20 years old?

    [email protected]


    “Just what I’ve been looking for. A central base for our businesses in order to support” Ojaibi.com user

    Sixteen Consulting has released Ojaibi.com, a searchable online directory of Black Owned Businesses. At Ojaibi.com we encourage consumers to support Black-owned businesses by patronising them, to recirculate the Black pound in order to strengthen the Black community. Black-owned businesses can register for free on Ojaibi.com to become instantly available to consumers from across the globe.

    The spending power of Britain’s black population is now worth an estimated £300 billion; in America, the black population’s spending power is reported to be $1.1 trillion. However, the black pound/dollar only circulates within the community for a matter of hours. Conversely, a pound/dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities for approximately 20 days and in White communities for 17 days. It is time to reverse this trend and “Think Black, Buy Black”.

    Ojaibi.com was created in 2014. The developer came up with the concept having participated in the Blackout event of September 8-10th 2014. Blackout is an initiative that originated in the US to encourage black consumers to support Black owned businesses by patronising them thus recirculating the Black dollar to strengthen the Black community. As with most things American, the Blackout concept found its way to our shores here in the UK.

    However, having grown frustrated by the lack of information about the location and different types of Black businesses in London from which to patronise, the developer came up with the concept of Ojaibi.com. The intention was simple, to develop an online platform that consumers can search from to find and, all things being equal, support a Black owned business near them; this should happen all year round rather than just for a few days a year.

    By ‘all things being equal’ we refer to [1] products and services that are competitively priced, [2] the availability and quality of products that match or where possible exceed those offered by rivals, and [3] an excellent level of customer service delivered to customers to ensure that they want to come back.

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