Chris Brown is on his Way to Prison

Chris brown stole my iPhone according to a woman who file a robbery case against him. Chris Brown Might Go to Jail if they take into account, his beating and battering of her former music artist girlfriend, Rihanna. Chris was given a suspended sentence for abuse miss Riri.

A woman was captured on a video by TMZ, who seemed very disturbed as she reported to the police that Chris Brown snatched her mobile phone.

The said victim Christal Spann and two of her friends who were with her on the day of the incident, looked impulsive and upset when Christal screams several times that she just wanted back her phone.

According to police, one of Spann’s friends explains that while her friend was screaming for Chris brown to give her phone, he replied “Bitch, you not gonna put this on no website” The Victim Christal Spann has filed a police report, explaining she had wanted to take a picture of Chris Brown on an early Sunday morning in Miami when he ceased the phone from her hand and drove away.

The celebrity, Chris brown is being investigated for robbery as a result of recent incident of phone snatching. If arrested, he can go to prison for 4 years couple with the beating case of Rihanna.

Watch the captured video
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  1. Chris brown stole her iphone. good for her. Stupid girl looking for cheap popularity and not minding destroying other peoples reputation. Do you know how long it took Chris to come this far? Why don’t you work hard and help you can achieve s pinch of what he has achieved? Rubbish and useless.

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