Meet Chantelle Winnie, the bullied schoolgirl who went on to become a runway queen after gaining confidence and accepting and loving who she is.

Chantelle Winnie is a top model that is currently in high demand. Her army of fans includes artists, designers and photographers. But before getting to where she is now, the runway queen endured bullying as a schoolgirl. As someone suffering from vitiligo, her schoolmates made fun of her.

In an interview with Eve Barlow,the new face of Desigual talked about her journey and how the tables have turned around to the point where the world no longer notice her vitiligo.

The former America’s Next Top Model’s contestant who was influenced by beautiful women such as supermodel, Naomi Campbell and the iconic Marilyn Monroe has her skin condition to thank for her wonderful modelling career as it has become a symbol for diversification and progression.

Speaking on her modelling career and breaking barriers, America’s Next Top Model’s host Tyra Banks said: “The moment I laid eyes on Chantelle, I wanted her on Top Model. Her beauty is undeniable and her skin breaks down barriers of what is considered beautiful.”

The muse of famed photographer Nick Knight and London designer Ashish suffers from the same condition that iconic pop singer, Michael Jackson suffered that alleged made him bleach his skin to make it even.

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Read more about Winnie’s interview with Eve Barlow on the Guardian website.

Photo Credit: Mary Rozzi for the Observer

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