American model, Chanel Iman did a photo shoot for the April issue of Malibu Magazine dressed in Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2015 collection. The Victoria’s Secret model is photographed wearing a blue sweat dress and ankle boots.

In another photo, the 24-year-old Los Angeles-raised beauty is captured wearing a white jumpsuit and flaunting her beautiful long hair with a smile on her face while posing on a quiet street. Another photograph shows the Atlanta, Georgia born celebrity with an African American father photographed topless and in white.

Chatting with Malibu magazine about her love for fashion and how her half Korean and half African American mother used it as a way for punishing her for sneaking out to parties as a teen, Chanel said: “She’d know just what to do to punish me. She wouldn’t give me money for the mall, and she knew I loved fashion. So my girlfriends would get fresh outfits to go to the movies, and I’d have to wear something I’d already worn.”




chanel-iman24-year-old Los Angeles-raised beauty

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