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Cameroonian Scott Manyo Can Finish his Study in Belgium

Cameroonian Scott Manyo Can Finish his Study in Belgium

Scott Manyo

Kameroense scoutsleider Scott Manyo mag zijn studies dan toch in België afwerken

Cameroonian scout leader Scott Manyo, who arrived four years ago in Belgium and was locked up in Merksplas, has been released from the detention center. The boy from Boortmeerbeek can now finish his studies in Belgium. That was the Report according to the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Maggie De Block (Open VLD).

“After a long conversation with the Director-General of the Immigration Department, Freddy Rose Mont, we decided it would be best for Scott to be allowed to finish his studies in Belgium, given his special situation and his file,” said De Block.

Ojong Scott Manyo came to Belgium four years ago. He is currently following a course at the Centre for Learning and Working Technical School Mechelen. The boy is the leader of the capons at the scouts in Boortmeerbeek. A position he has held for the past two years. Scott was picked up from the Merksplas by his step-parents.

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  1. Happy for him. at least he can have a degree to find a good job if they still decide to send him back to Cameroon after his studies.

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