Cameron: Deliberating on Asylum Seekers Proposal Important


Senator Cameron from Labour has told his party that it is important they take some time in deliberating on asylum seekers proposal prior to taking policy decision.

David Cameron

The cabinet has decided to meet on Monday because a Malaysian High Court has made its offshore processing illegitimate. The senator believes that this is the right time for the party to deliberate on fresh policies that can be used in processing asylum seekers.

‘I would have thought that the High Court decision would have given the party a circuit breaker to come back to what is, I think, the most appropriate way forward and that is to process onshore, to treat asylum seekers with dignity,’ Cameron told ABC Radio.

.’ He continued.

The Senator cautioned that it is extremely important that proposals are exhaustively analysed before being used for procedures.

‘I’d be very concerned if the caucus simply has a briefing from the PM, the attorney-general and the minister and then we are asked to make a decision today.

‘I would have thought there’s a need for more consultation, for an ability to have some constructive criticism of what’s being put up and a critical analysis of what’s being put up.

Senator Cameron said he would be really worried if the committee merely gets a briefing from the PM, the attorney general as well as the minister then arrives at a resolution the same day.

According to Cameron, ‘if the cabinet locks in, the ministers lock in, the parliamentary secretaries lock in, then it’s a pretty tough job to get any change from that position.’

Graham Perrett, the Labours left wing MP stated that the government needs to take time to get its policy right.

‘You’ve got to be cruel to be kind but that’s what we need to do in terms of stopping young kids being put on boats, stopping people drowning out at sea and stopping a production line of criminals sending people towards Australia’s shores,’ Mr Perrett told ABC Radio.

Mr Perrett also added that it is extremely important they take the time to make it proper by subscribing to the advice that was given by the department. That way, they will be able to have a favourable discussion around it in a committee.

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