A British Woman was Caught on Video Hurling Racial Abuses on London Underground Tube Passengers.
British Woman Caught on Video Hurling Racial Abuses on Tube Passengers
Police in London are investigating yet another video of a London Underground passenger hurling racist abuse at foreign passengers.

The film shows the middle-aged white woman direct a tirade of abuse at Asian passengers on a Central Line train between St Paul’s and Mile End stations.She begins by shouting ‘all f****** foreign s********’ in a shocking seven minute long expletive-ridden rant in front of stunned onlookers.

The woman – with shoulder-length black hair and a thick Cockney accent – then asks ‘where do you come from? F****** like, f****** all over the world’.

Footage of the incident emerged on YouTube on January 24 after a string of similar rants by women were made public last year. It is believed to have been filmed on January 23. It shows the woman, whose name is not known, sitting between two Pakistani men After saying that they come from all over the world, she asks: ‘I’d like to know if any of you are f****** illegal, I’m sure 30 per cent of you are. The woman then becomes aggressive towards the Asian man sitting next to her. ‘I hope they f****** catch up with you and shove you off,’ she says.

She adds: ‘I shall punch you in the f****** face. Ninety per cent of you are f****** illegal.
I wouldn’t mind if you loved our country.’
After singing in his language, he defends his native country as other passengers on the carriage laugh at his gestures.

The woman then turns her attention to the man who is filming the abuse on his mobile phone, who says he is British. He tells her to ‘watch what you say’ but she responds: ‘I used to live in England now I live in the United Nations. ‘The woman then appears to become increasingly aggressive in an argument that lasts for another four minutes.

At one point she appears to try to attack the Pakistani man before she is thrown into a seat on the other side of the train. She gets up and screams: ‘As long as you’re f****** working, and not claiming benefits.’

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